Building community and creating social change by raising our voices in song.

Queer Thunder When Thunder Comes

Donating to One Voice

Every contribution made to One Voice helps us to build community and create social change by raising our voices in song. No donation is too little or too large and all are appreciated!

On our donation page, you can select the level of giving that best suits your abilities. As you consider your gift, however, we invite you to become a sustaining giver. As with so many nonprofits, monthly giving makes our finances predictable and allows us to better plan our outreach programs and our concerts. But however you choose to give, one-time or sustaining, please know that any donation makes an incalculable impact!

If you are interested in donating via direct deposit, you can download the form here.

And don't forget, volunteering your time and energy is also invaluable to us! Find out more here!

“One Voice is one of the Twin Cities greatest assets—doing bridge building across differences that few organizations are doing, or doing so well. I want to support this work!” 
– audience member        

p ~ Piano     $1-99
mp ~ Mezzo Piano     $100-249
mf ~ Mezzo Forte     $250-999
f ~ Forte     $1,000-2,499
ff ~ Fortissimo     $2,500 & over 




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